Saturday, November 05, 2005

First Newsletter!

The first EverQuest Guides InfoBlog Newsletter will be arriving to your inbox either Monday or Tuesday! We have been working diligently on it for the last few days, and look forward to everyone's reaction.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

We need your help!

The EQG Infoblog has been launched for a few days now, and it has been an incredible success, with nearly 8,000 page views in less than 6 days. We thank our friends who have linked to us, as you have helped us become very successful in a short amount of time.

Now we ask our readers - how can we improve ourselves? What sort of information would you like to see? We invite all constructive criticism to help us better our infoblog. Let us know either by posting a comment or contacting us. Thank you for your thoughts!

When are Guides allowed to reveal themselves?

Guides are only allowed to reveal themselves to other players in a few instinces, and strict guidelines are set forward for these times when Guides do reveal themselves. First and foremost, understand that a Guide is only to reveal that they are a member of the Guide Program on their play character for one purpose: to recruit new members into the Guide Program. Even then, however, a Guide is not to reveal their Guide Name or Guide Server.

If a "Guide" reveals themselves for any other purpose, such as to threaten, show superiority, or to get favors, they are either lying or violating the guidelines of being in the Guide Program, and should be reported as such through a petition. If a Guide truly is violating these guidelines, chances are they are not wanted in the Guide Program.

On forums or message boards, Guides are allowed to post that they are a Guide on the condition they don't reveal their Guide Name or Server, and follow a number of restrictions. This is to maintain the player enjoyment and surprise behind quests and events, as well as ensuring the Guide Program continues to maintain professionalism.

In real life, a Guide may reveal that they are a member of the Guide Program at anytime as long as they maintain the professionalism that they must have in-character and refrain from giving anyone priviledged information. This includes events such as the Fan Faire. If they do reveal themselves as a Guide, they are not to supposed to reveal the names or servers of their play characters.

Why are all these strict policies in place? Above all, this is to reduce the possibility of favoritism, where a member of the Guide Program views one player in higher regard than the others and gives them special attention. Once a Guide starts showing favoritism, it compromises the integrity of the entire Program. We are representatives of SOE, and we are required to act as such in all of our actions under our Guide Persona.